Thursday, October 21, 2021

Loke's Holidays


In the first week of the holidays, I biked half of the great taste trial. It was very fun. 

In the other half of the holidays, I went to Kaiteriteri to bike and fell once, but I had a great time. 

We went to one trail that was called Skull Duggery, and it was super skinny, with lots of roots. 

During the rest of the holidays, I helped my Mum and Dad with some things. Finally it was time to come to school. 

By Loke

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


On Tuesday September 28 2021, Mila McAllister, Alexander Cairney, Leighton Bennett and Yuri Quinlivan went to the EPRO8 challenge. The EPRO8 challenge is a challenge in building and technology. Our group was competing in the Yr 5-6 division, and . . . they came sixth!!!!

They had to build a structure to hold a precious painting which took half an hour, and they did not even build half a triangle!

 Next they had to build a safe that had a buzzer if you opened the door.


From coming second to last to sixth is pretty amazing!


By Mila and Ruby : )


Epro8 Technology Challenge

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Week 9


Festival is drawing ever closer as we come to the end of September. We will need a change in alert levels to hold our festival, as the Ngatimoti festival has had 6000 people in the past, and the limit is 50 people inside and 100 people outside. 

A big part of the Ngatimoti Festival is our annual scarecrow competition. Every year, all the students make a scarecrow, along with a sign bearing information and some kind of pointer towards the school so tourists can find their way.

Come to our Ngatimoti Festival on Sunday 24 October rain or shine!!        Ngatimoti Festival - Home | Facebook    

By Liam & Ruby

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Room 4 Ski Trip 202

   Learning How To Ski!

 The ski instructors were the people who made the beginners level up! The ski instructors taught the beginners in Room 4 to stop, turn, put on your skis and walk with skis! Because of the ski instructors, Room 4 went to the Pomma Lift. Some went to the T bar and some stayed at the beginners slope.

By Loke