Tuesday, December 8, 2020

 Pacific Island

We have been learning about the Pacific Island, and we love it. 

We have been learning about Fiji, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Samoa. 

Some people were showing us stuff from Samoa and Pacific Island.

It is sad, because some people on the island are poor and don’t have much money or clothes.

 The school’s are really strict.

In Samoa they do the Sasa dance, which is a  dance made from daily movement.

By Arabella and of course your favorite Olivia

Sunday, December 6, 2020



Christmas is a happy day when you get presents 

From Santa. If you are good you might get some presents and if you are naughty you might not get some presents. Don’t forget to leave some milk and cookies and carrots for his reindeers!

This week I learnt about Christmas, Samoan art and how to link on words. 

By Max   

Monday, November 30, 2020

Our winning natural Christmas Tree for Today's Task Master Challenge Tree Change

Our rules: The tree had to be free standing, only made with found natural materials outside that were collected without harming anything alive.
These lads used a nest as the star, Cabbage Tree Fronds as the tree and newspaper garlands to decorate.


Sunday, November 29, 2020

 Swimming At The Aquatic Center!

For the last two weeks we have been swimming at the Aquatic Centre every day.

In the morning we leave at 11:10am.

When we got to the Aquatic Centre Room 4 and Room 5 got changed,  Room 4 went to their lessons, and Room 5 went to have free play at the wave pool.  

We have learnt about freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and especially survival skills.               

Our last day was Fun Friday!

After we have finished our swimming lessons,

(which are half an hour) we get a play swim for half an hour and after that we get out of the pool    to go home.

By Chico and Gabriel

  Going To Athletics!!!!😊😂😱   

We went to athletics on Tuesday the 2nd of November. It was such a fun day for everyone. Gabriel got 2nd for the 9 year old boys, Ruby got 2nd for the 9 year old girls and Beau came 1st for the 8 year old boys!! 

It was very hot on the day so we had juices and food. The activities were high jump, long jump, splints, relays, long distance 600m, soft ball throw, accuracy throw. Everyone tried there best and gave it a shot!

By Joe

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


For the past two weeks the whole of Ngatimoti School has been exercising a program called R . I . V . E . R cards. The river cards are made up of two parts. One gets put in the Takahe, with the name, class, and house. Then, at the Monday Morning Meeting, Mrs Roberts draws them out, and the lucky winner will either get a juicy, cake, free time, or extra house points.

Then the rest of the cards will get counted up, and whichever house has the highest score will get 10 extra points, then second gets 7, and third gets 5. The last house only gets three : ( .

By Sayla and Ruby M